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IMS goals for 2023.


IMS (Integrated Management System) solves a number of tasks. The primary goal is to improve business processes and corporate procedures of the company. Ultimately, it enables to organize the work of the company with minimal losses and ensure the manufacturing a high quality product or the provision of a service that meets regulatory requirements. The final result of the goals execution is analysed at the end of the year in the IMS analysis by the management. 1. Carry out the annual training plan by the end of 2023 for a minimum of 80%, ISO 9001. 2. Hand over the used engine oil of contractors in the amount of 700 l until the end of 2023, ISO 14001. 3. Hand over the used tyres of contractors in the amount of 500 kg until the end of 2023, ISO 14001. 4. Purchase the high quality PPE for drivers during 2023, ISO 45001. 5. Develop and implement the international standard ISO 27001 during 2023.